Friday, November 24, 2006

Song 2


I don't know how to really write this coherently, so I'll just list it.

I am here in Europe staying with people I met on the internet.

I met these people on a forum dedicated to a PC game called The Longest Journey (TLJ), and later it's sequel, Dreamfall.

The company that made both games is called Funcom, and they are based in Oslo, Norway.

The genius behind the games, the writer and director, is Ragnar Tornquist.

I'm now half-running The Divide, after the unfortunate disaperarance of the former administrator.

As such, I have been in occasional contact with Ragnar to organize several interviews for the site.

I sent Ragnar an email telling him how TLJ had sent me on a tour of Europe to stay with people I met as a result of playing it, and asking if I could possibly get a tour of Funcom's offices. I didn't really expect anything would come from it, but it never hurts to ask.

He said yes.

I'm going to Norway.

That is all.


Anonymous said...


- Cat.

Mephistopheles said...

Damn! i so had that.

Dan C. said...


Padmé said...

You forgot to mention I'm coming too !!!
Hooray !

Whew. :P
This is like meeting Brad Pitt, only better. A LOT ! :D

Jo said...

Yahoo! The Divide strikes again! Wish I was coming along. Take pictures and write us a report!

toremygg said...

If I could, I'd have gone across the mountains to meet up with you guys... As it is, I have a job, a wife and a baby to take care of. ;) Take care, enjoy and all that. Hope you have a great time (and don't faint because of the prices).

Anonymous said...

God .. these random made up names 4 comments r getting

Caitlin said...

Steal me some good Funcom trade secrets while you're over there!!

NLO / Nils said...

You're going too Padmé? Awesome!
I'd go too if I could =P

Padmé said...

God Elle, get a grip.
Not everybody you don't know is made-up.

@Nils :
yesyesyes ! I'm coming too ! :P
SO excited.
And don't worry you guys, we'll take LOTS of pictures (in which we'll probably look REALLY stupid because we/I won't be able to stop grinning like a madwoman :P ) and write a wonderful report.

TheDivide Rocks !

Anonymous said...


NLO said...

I'm tempted to create a "We rock" thread at the Divide... =P