Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Around The Sun

I've decided to go to Slovakia tomorrow, Hungary on Wednesday, and Salzburg on Thursday. I love the fact that I can just get on a train for a few hours and end up in another country!

I'm working on a post about Croatia, my Funcom visit, Oslo, Norway, another on Vienna, and a post with a few links and stuff on it. Sorry it's taking so long. Think of it like those postcards you send, and they arrive weeks after you get home. It's like that.

Just a little news though: I met someone from Perth on a streetcar the other day, which was fantastic. It was really great to talk about Australian stuff, what it's like to be in Vienna as an Australian, and the differences, and just to meet with someone from back home. Her name is Natalia, and she's on exchange here, studying. We walked through Vienna, mostly the parts we didn't know so we could get totally lost, went to a pub, and finally went back to the student dorms where we sat and watched some Australian TV (Chaser's War, which I have on my iPod), and I was introduced to a group of other exchange students from America, Germany, and other parts of Austria. Talked till 5am, smoked a little pot (I didn't have much, makes me cough too much), and I ended up taking a nap before getting the streetcar home at about 6am.


Update: No longer going to Hungary due to cost, but did get to Slovakia.


Dan C. said...

Wow, sounds awesome. AWESOME TO THE MAX.

elle said...

lol . . don't go having 2 much pot now then . . in fact try 2 not have any at all . . One of my clients is in a deep coma now coz she had a drug over dose this morning(I know that has nothin 2 do with what u said but meh..)..

rosie said...


Caitlin said...

'...Right, you're bloody well right, you've got a bloody right to say...' Sorry. I've been listening to Supertramp this morning and it seemed appropriate :D

rosemarie said...

argh! elle!



Jai said...

At least it wasn't a preposition she finished her sentence with.